Upcoming special lectures, workshops and seminars at Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center.

25 September 2023

Breathwork Workshop with Karen O'Shea Bartley Sunday 10/22 10am $35 We have all heard the benefits of meditation, yet most of us struggle to sit with our thoughts to actually reap any of the benefits....

10 am 7 Bow st. Suite 1 North Reading MA 01864

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20 September 2023

The Big Three” Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs In this class, you will explore the most critical aspects of your astrological chart: your sun, moon, and rising signs. These three signs are known as the "big t...

11-2 Saturday, October 28th 7 Bow st. Suite 1 North Reading, MA 01864

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02 October 2023

Melt into a warm room and get comfortable. We begin in a guided meditation to allow your body to completely relax. You will experience sound and vibrational currents throughout your energetic body, as well as ...

Sunday 10/29 6:30-7:30 pm, 7 Bow st. Suite 1 North Reading MA, 01864

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18 July 2023

Psychic Medium Development Series Tuesdays at 6pm 9/26-10/31 $120 Six Week Series $20 Drop in rate Have you ever felt that there is something more to this world than meets the eye? Do you wonder wher...

Tuesdays 6pm 7 Bow st Suite 1 North Reading MA, 01864

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