At Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center, LLC , with locations in North Reading, Medford & Danvers, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of our patients by providing quality care and alternative methods to our patients. We take a holistic health approach in our treatment plans, incorporating various alternative medical practices which focus around acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We believe that alternative therapies can be a far safer and more effective option for a great deal of the population’s health issues. Our bodies have great power to heal themselves from within. Our intention is to unleash these healing qualities through an appropriate therapy or therapies based on the patients’ needs and desires.

Many people are starting to look for alternatives to help them deal with pain and stress. Acupuncture for stress reduction has become an incredible resource for many. Imagine being able to feel relief from chronic pain? Many of our patients have dealt with pain for years, and have found great relief from our specialized treatments. Acupuncture is particularly effective for sciatica pain. Those dealing with chronic sciatica flair ups are highly encouraged to book a consult with us, as we treat many patients with sciatica pain with staggering results. We have many patients that come in with chronic neck pain, shoulder pain and many other ailments as well. We also specialize in, and have a designed Acupuncture for Anxiety Treatment Plan. We have had many patients tell us that they now use acupuncture for all of their ailments, and to live a fuller, happier life.

We offer a wide range of services at our North Reading Center, Medford Center, and Danvers Center. With these 3 centers and more on the way, we are able to serve a great deal of the North Shore, Essex, and Middlesex counties. The following towns are currently easily serviced: Reading, Wakefield, Lynnfield, Danvers, Topsfield, Middleton, Beverly, Salem, Woburn, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Billerica, Andover, North Andover, Boxford, Saugus, Marblehead, Stoneham, Bedford, Lexington, Melrose, Haverhill, and Methuen. Our greater Boston (Medford location) is located just 15 minutes from downtown Boston MA, and easily accessible by public transportation.

Some of the services offered at our centers (with more coming all the time) are as follows:

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing modality, based on the notion of moving Qi (Chi), and opening up our energy centers allowing for greater flow of Qi (chi). This therapy is known to have excellent results dealing with the following symptoms and health related problems: Depression, chronic pain, migraines, stress, pain management, addiction, fertility issues, those seeking IVF treatments, those who want or need to quit smoking, weight management, and countless other diseases or health issues. Some of our practitioners also incorporate more modern acupuncture techniques which allow them to give each client an individualized experience.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: In our Danvers and Medford Centers, an acupuncture herbs clinic is available. Our Chinese Herbal Doctor can prescribe a formula to help with your condition and can also refill your formula at both locations.

Yoga: Yoga is a mindful moving meditation. It stresses relaxation, focus, proper breathing, meditation, and a union of the mind, body and spirit. On top of all this, it is a great exercise, and will leave its participants feeling happier and healthier.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong: We teach several Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes to help students stimulate their bodies in order to better cultivate and circulate Qi (or energy). These practices are very powerful, and can create very healthy bodies, increasing our own ability to heal, and creating a body less prone to disease.

If you are dealing with any of these issues, are wondering about the cost of acupuncture, have any other questions about acupuncture insurance, or our treatment options, please come visit us or give us a call. Most people are surprised to find out how affordable acupuncture is, and that often their insurance covers most of the cost, and in many case all of the cost. Please call ahead to book an appointment and see how we can help you change your life. You can also use our online insurance check service by entering in a few personal details on our site. For further answers, we ask that you please call the office, or see our acupuncture price list along with an outline and pricing for all of our wellness offerings listed on this website.

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At Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness Center, our goal is to enable people to improve their health and quality of life by providing professional care and alternative healing therapies to those in need. Our intention is to teach others that the path to a happy and healthy life lies within each and every one of us.

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While we offer many different treatment options to help you through existing conditions or problems, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools to take control of your own life. We share with you ancient techniques that do not require dangerous surgeries and or toxic medications in order to find relief. Our knowledgeable staff is truly world class, and we will constantly strive to provide our clients with ongoing support to heal themselves and transform their lives.

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To better serve you, we offer our therapeutic services at 3 locations:
North Reading, Medford, and Danvers, MA.

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