UPCOMING WORKSHOP- Back-to-Basics "Foundations of Flow" 3/15 @ 1:30PM

December 24, 2019

Back to Basics~ Foundations of Flow

A Vinyasa Workshop for EVERYBODY

$25 per person

For newbies and seasoned practitioners alike, this 90 minute workshop breaks down vinyasa to the basic core foundational elements. Vinyasa is the connection between breath and movement and it is a series of poses / asanas we rhythmically and consistently move through each flow class. Join us as we break down each pose from the ground up, with a focus on breath, muscular engagement and anatomical alignment ; leading to more conscious body awareness and wisdom. When applying these basic building blocks in each class, we gain strength and flexibility and learn how to modify and adjust with in each posture. This transformative approach will lead you along a path to finding your highest potential both physically and spiritually, ~~ on and off the mat.

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