Self Love cacao Ceremont 2/9 7:30 pm

January 24, 2024

Self Love Cacao Ceremony

Friday, February 9th, 2024 



Held by Kelsey Marie @kelseytheoracle

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the New Moon in Aquarius happening on this exact day, please join us as we gather in circle, sip ceremonial cacao to open our hearts, share our hearts with one another and be guided inward to reconnect with the unconditional love that exists within the core of our very beings! You can expect a combination of teachings from Kelsey, prayer, guided meditative journeying, journaling and group shares. Participate to the degree you feel comfortable and inspired. 

This ceremony is being held in honor of the remembrance that we are all One, made from the same eternal source of Love, and in devotion to giving that love to ourselves. Allow Kelsey to guide you as you learn to become your own divine lover and cultivate Divine Union within. 

Please bring an empty mug to receive the cacao, a journal and something to write with. The cacao drink (vegan and made with oat milk), a bolster to sit on and a blanket will be provided for each of you. You are welcome to bring an additional pillow if you’d like, as well as any sacred objects you wish to be a part of our shared altar space (e.g. favorite crystal, picture of an ancestor). 

Please arrive a few minutes early to find your seat and settle into the space. All genders are welcome.

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