Primordial Sound Meditation The Journey from Activity to Silence

October 16, 2023

Primordial Sound 4 week series 

Meditation : The journey from activity to silence 

Date:   11/12, 11/26, 12/3, 12/10

Time:   11:00 am-12:00 pm 

Join Courtney, a certified Chopra Meditation Instructor, on a four week journey in creating more peace and balance in your life. Primordial Sound Meditation, is a mantra based meditation that provides healing practice that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation. I

Why do you need PSM? 

The pace of life has accelerated, and every day we are bombarded with more information and stimulation than our ancestors encountered during entire lifetimes. Not surprisingly, the number of people suffering from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic health problems is on the rise—and many are searching for peace of mind.

The most direct way to experience inner silence and well-being is meditation, a tool to rediscover the body's own inner intelligence. As scientific research reveals, when you meditate, your breathing slows, blood pressure decreases, and stress hormone levels fall.

Primordial Sound Meditation isn’t about forcing your mind to be quiet, it’s about experiencing the silence that's already there and making it a part of your life.

When you learn Primordial Sound Meditation, you will receive a personal mantra. A mantra is a specific sound or vibration—which when repeated silently—helps you to enter deeper levels of awareness.

As many studies show, a regular meditation practice offers numerous health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, and releasing stress and fatigue. As you meditate on a regular basis, you will notice an increased sense of well-being as well as greater energy and creativity.

What is included: 

4 week exploration into Primordial Sound Meditation 

Learning the benefits of meditation

Establishing a consistent and sustainable meditation practice 

Calculation of your own personal mantra 

Gentle stretching, breath work and sound healing 

Wellness Investment: $180

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