Breathwork Workshop open your mind and have a profound experience

February 02, 2023

Breathwork Workshop

with Karen O'Shea Bartley

Saturday 2/18 11:30am


Breathwork dates back to ancient times, often being used in healing rituals and as a way to center the mind in yoga, martial arts and Buddhist practices. Over the years we have seen a “modernized” approach and an increase in popularity as people try and negotiate their way through the busyness of life. Join Karen for this Breathwork workshop where you will focus on the cadence of your breath using a circular breathing technique. Focusing on the breath, and being present can help you shift perspectives, relieve stress and anxiety, if you allow it. If you can keep an open mind you could have a very profound experience. Class is 60 minutes. Do not eat at least one hour before class. Please bring a yoga mat and anything you would like to enhance your experience (blanket, journal etc)

*This is not for those:

Cardiovascular problem, abnormal blood pressure, epilepsy or history of seizure, heavy medications, bipolar, recent surgery, glaucoma, pregnancy, active addiction, osteoporosis.

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