Basic Tai Chi Series Level 2 Starts 3/9 RESERVE YOUR SPOT!

March 01, 2023

Basics of Tai Chi Series Level 2 with Master Steven Fitzpatrick

Thursdays at 7pm Starts 3/9 runs 12 weeks

In the Basic Tai Chi Chuan Class Level 2, You will be introduced to the remainder of the 37 forms. We will also give you a better understanding of what you are going to gain from this practice. You will receive most of the basic training in order to complete the first section and going on to learn the rest of the forms, of the 37 Tai Chi forms in this style. These include balance control (walking training), body relaxation (wall training), body coordination (bear movement training), and mind calming (root training and finger lock training). You will also learn the basics of “Tai Chi Fa Jiang” (i.e., how to utilize the power from the ground) and the basics of “push hand practice” (i.e., how to apply Tai Chi). Most of the focus on these sessions will be on learning how to perform the Tai Chi Chuan Form. The primary goal of this stage is to enable you to have a more complete understanding of Tai Chi and to enable you to perform the whole 37 forms by yourself.

12 Week Series Starts March 9th


Returning Tai Chi Basic Level 2 students $220

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