DEEP Stretch is back on 11/20 10am with Randi-Lee

October 28, 2022

Sunday 11/20 10am

If your favorite part of yoga class is when the instructor comes to you and gives hands on assists in the restorative yoga postures, this 75 minute workshop is definitely for you! Randi-lee will guide a short flow to warm your body up, lead you into gentle yoga postures and provide LOTS of hands on assists to help you safely get deeper into your stretch. Deep Stretch is for anyone looking to heal their body from trauma and everyday stresses. Allows your muscles and connective tissues to stretch gradually and deeply to keep your body mobile and to move stagnant energy. Great for in between massage. If you sit at a desk or in front of a screen this is for you! If you have an athletic lifestyle you need to balance that work with appropriate stretch, this is for you!. This workshop will be limited to 10 participants to make sure you get as much attention as possible! Register now to save your spot! $30

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