Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 using Traditional Chinese Medicine: A review

October 12, 2021

A study published in May of 2020, "Prevention and treatment of COVID-19 using Traditional Chinese Medicine: A review"

Scientists concluded that:

TCM is effective in preventing COVID-19, and medical staff can prevent an iatrogenic infection by taking a decoction made based on the principles of TCM.

As of March 13, 2020, new cases of COVID-19 in China have decreased in number to single digits.

TCM's curative effect was outstanding, with a national participation rate of over 90%.

More than 70,000 people were cured of COVID-19 and discharged from the hospital.

Only approximately 10,000 patients are currently being treated (as of May 2020), and the total treatment time is approximately 2 months.

We are very excited about this new research and will continue to follow its progress. As of August 2021, the FDA has approved clinical trials at UCLA and UCSD, studying the effect of Chinese herbs on COVID-19!

We are NOT able to see any patients that currently have COVID-19. We CAN see patients that are in the recovery stage of COVID-19. Both Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are helpful for "long-haul" Covid.

Link to May 2020 study,

Link to video of TCM practitioners and scientists discussing 2021 FDA trials:

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