UPCOMING WORKSHOP - Acupuncture and Nidra 1/18 @ 3:00pm

December 24, 2019

$25 per person

This event will combine Acupuncture and Nidra (yogic sleep) to create an experience of physical and emotional calm and balance. Using the "Four Gates" acupuncture points, and moving into the guided Nidra will increase the effectiveness of this treatment. This would be suitable for all.

The 4 gates circulate energy throughout your body, improving your circulation, and releasing pain and stress out of the body.

Together, these points are a great treatment for pain and stress, especially pain caused or aggravated by stress (think tight shoulders). These points are commonly used for preventing menstrual cramps, releasing stress and anxiety, and easing headaches, tight muscles, and stress.

*Sign up in advance, limited to 16 participants. Members receive 15% off

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