KIDS EVENT! *Little Yogi Camping Adventure* 8/12 @ 4:00pm $20 per child

July 28, 2019

Kids (age 4-10) should come ready to enjoy the beautiful and calming world of camping in this nature-filled kids yoga class!

This all-indoor class will begin with Melissa’s traditional kids yoga program including gratitude and positive affirmation activities, slow breathing to calm their minds and bodies, and fun yoga poses set to music. For this class, the children will create gratitude art projects consisting of building a paper camp fire and sharing heart-warming and positive campfire stories. The children will also participate in other camping themed activities, such as an imaginary nature hike searching for our favorite forest animals and engaging in animal and camping inspired yoga poses to enhance their connection with the natural world. Class will end with a Starry Sky guided visualization as the children rest and restore on their yoga mat sleeping bags. Each child will also receive take-home camping themed activities and their own s'more treats.

*Signed waiver required for s'more packet (chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and teddy grahams).

Cost: $20 per child

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