We are very pleased to announce that DANIELLE FEDERICO is joining our team as guest speaker!! - Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center

We are very pleased to announce that DANIELLE FEDERICO is joining our team as guest speaker!!

August 25, 2015

We are very pleased to announce that DANIELLE FEDERICO is joining our team as guest speaker!! She is going to lead the "Limitless Light" and "Sacred Breath Work and Meditation" workshops in our center soon!! Please check our website for more detail information about the workshops.

Danielle is the owner of The Spirit Within, located in North Andover, MA. She is an Intuitive Spirit Coach, Spiritual Director and Teacher of the Healing Arts, Akashic Record Reader and Soul Therapy practitioner. She is also a certified Hypnotist, a certified NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. Danielle helps to inspire individuals on their spiritual journeys through sacred chanting, sacred breathwork, healing with Limitless Light ™ and Magnified Healing.

Danielle works as a guide to help her clients find their spiritual pathway with the personal mission to help grow and inspire each person to finding their own unique ways of being of service. All teachings are guided to expand and grow with the hopes of creating more teachers. Danielle will share with you many tools of enlightenment to build upon and explore all spiritual areas for yourself. She works with people of all religions and philosophies, including those who are questioning their beliefs and are looking to explore spiritual culture. Danielle currently oversees a growing community of spiritual seekers and helps others to safely share their growth and experiences with one another.

Danielle is a mother of two, a yogi and a creative artist as well. She loves to sing, dance and create, either through yoga or crafting. One of her favorite pastimes is attending Kirtan’s. Danielle is currently enrolled in a 200 hour Kundalini Yoga training which begins in the fall. She believes that when a person works on their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects, all comes together to create deep peace and healing within the body. Danielle was recently certified in Myofascial Release Therapy or ball rolling therapy to help those who are suffering from chronic pain, scar tissue or sore and tight muscles. The therapy works with varying size soft balls to help long or shorten muscles to create less resistance of the fascia tissue. These are sessions that will also be readily available and are customizable.

Danielle incorporates many alternative therapies into her practice, such as varying levels of energy healing, muscle testing and emotional freedom technique (body tapping). Danielle will help you work through past experiences or help you explore your own unique journey by introducing some of her Soul Therapy applications. It is Danielle's hope to offer spiritual guidance and direction to you and help you connect to the Divine light of love and healing that is waiting to be discovered and embraced. We all hold the key to unlock the light within and welcome ourselves to become spiritually advanced.

Danielle is a licensed Esthetician and Entrepreneur and successfully owned and operated three prior businesses including a former modeling agency in Boston, MA. She is now dedicating her life to helping others and to assisting people on their own personal spiritual journey.

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