Full Moon in Libra Reiki and Sound Healing

Sunday, 2/28 @ 6:30PM, 7 Bow Street, North Reading, MA

Instructor:Kelly Allston

Time:6:30 to 8:00 pm

*Masks required

Sunday March 28th calling in the energy of the Full ‘Worm’ Moon in the sign of Libra.

The vibe this moon calls in is of balance and harmony. It asks us to step into our full power and let our true selves shine. This will be enhanced with Reiki and the vibration of sound. This moon touches on emotions, romance, higher consciousness and relationship drama. Check in with your independence and where you're at with your need for others and why? A good day to clear up any misunderstandings. Take time to release any feelings, people or ideas that either don’t feel great or that energetically feel tired out or expired. Sometimes we get ideas or have relationships that leave as fast as they come in when this happens, acknowledge it and know that your soul connection to this has run out and that's ok. You can take time during this meditative experience to ask your highest Self, Guides, Fairies and Angels what it is you need to release around these themes. Class runs through a full body meditation to release and center Holy Fire Reiki lll is given to the group as a whole through the distance modality and gyoshi-ho. Leading into sound and vibrational healing. Class will end with time for reflection, journaling and sharing. Please be mindful of time. Class starts promptly at 6:30 and doors will lock once class begins. Bring your journal, pen and anything else you’d like to enhance your experience (pillow, eye pillow, blanket).