Weekly Multi-Dimensional Meditation Manifestation Circle

Wednesdays @ 7:45pm, 7 Bow Street North Reading, MA

Instructor:Richard Caouette

Time:7:45pm - 9:00pm

Dates:Wednesday Evenings

The multidimensional manifestation meditation circle is a new meditation group with the intention of connecting conscious souls for the purpose of global healing. Utilizing many powerful meditation techniques, the groups combined visualization and manifestations will be used to target specific areas of disharmony within the planets collective consciousness to clear the way for a new fifth density grid of consciousness to be firmly anchored within the framework of our localized reality. This group will be focused on utilizing multidimensional meditation techniques to achieve desired manifestations and you will learn how these techniques can apply to your personal life as well. Come, serve the planet and yourself as we lend a helping hand to all of humanity from an energetic perspective.

$15 per person

*Please arrive on time. The door will be locked shortly after the start time.