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Been coming here since October of last year. Lalou has significantly helped decrease the amount of monthly migraines, he has even taught me how to understand and pay attention to other signs and symptoms that come along with my migraines. I am happy to say that I am on a better path since coming to this practice. He’s not just helped my migraines I also have chronic nerve pain which under his care has been more manageable. The quality of my life has changed tremendously since getting regular care at this facility. I spent years upon years at many different doctors, specialist and practices with little to no answers or help for my mysterious ailments. When trying to explain all my symptoms to other practitioners in other practices they dismissed me because they all “couldn’t be related” but that’s not the care that I got at this facility. Lalou took time and attention to each area and “weird” symptoms I was having and was able to help link them together & help me understand my body and mind better. Very thankful for my lucky stars that I ended up being a regular patient at this facility. Word of advice to newbies of acupuncture, get treatments on a regular basis and give it time to see the results, it is a healing process.

Jessica Rae Duncan Danvers MA      2021-04-07

Had my first appointment with Christine and we talked about my degree of neck pain that had been keeping me from sleeping. The entire experience felt comfortable and the place was very serene, and SUPER clean. All my questions were answered and even though my insurance didn’t cover it I knew I wanted to come back and signed up for a membership! Had immediate relief after the session, and she provided me with so many good recommendations. Staff was all very friendly and appointment was made within a day of me requesting to be seen.

Tania Santini Medford MA      2021-03-22

Hands-down the best acupuncture experience I’ve ever had! I’ve been to the North Reading and Medford facilities - both are immaculately clean and have calming decor and sounds. The front desk staff are so friendly and accommodating, and my acupuncturist is incredible. I have been seeing Yu Wei She for a stubborn ulnar nerve injury and she has helped me more than another other healthcare professional I have worked with over the last couple of months. All of the clinicians here have impressive backgrounds though; it was tough to decide who to make my initial appointment with after browsing through their profiles online and reading other positive reviews, but her background specifically stuck out to me as she used to be an Occupational Therapist who worked with hand/nerve injuries prior to going to school for acupuncture, so I felt like it was the perfect combo for me, and I am so happy to have found her! I highly recommend Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness Center if you are looking for the most compassionate and effective care, and an overall wonderful experience!

Danielle Jacobs Peabody MA      2021-03-20

Absolutely love it here! I have been twice and I look forward to my appointments. Everyone is so nice and I have never felt better. I see Melanie and she is so caring, gentle and thorough. I have suffered years with TMJ, soreness from working out and back pain from sitting mostly at work. I felt immediate relief in the first session and the soreness/tightness has been gone since. Usually you get a massage or chiropractor care and the next day the tightness is back. I walked into work saying I feel like a million dollars and I really do thanks to Tai Chi. I am so grateful.

Alissa Amicone Tewksbury MA      2021-03-19

I love it here! Yu Wei She is the most amazing acupuncturist/ healer! She has helped my shoulder injury pain immensely. Friendly and professional staff. I love the CBD cream they sell! I use every single night on my sore muscles.

Justine Batchelder North Reading MA      2021-03-05

I would give them more stars if I could!! Kuon & Michelle Yu way are excellent !! Thank you for helping me with my complex pain issues. I appreciate everything you do!

Dawna S Westford MA      2021-03-02

Melanie is great! She listens and addressed all my concerns! The acupuncture helps so much with pin relief, and the place is so relaxing!

Heather Koleszar Lynnfield MA      2021-02-26

Tai Chi Acupuncture is excellent for all of your wellness needs! Especially during COVID to help reduce the daily stressors we all encounter and to improve your physical and emotional health!! Highly recommended!!!!!

Katherine Ryan Medford MA      2021-02-10

Tai Chi has been a game changer for me personally.I have been seeing Kelly Allston for Reiki and I have never felt more at peace! She is amazing at what she does!

Deanna Dague North Reading MA      2021-02-09

Christine is amazing! I have cervical spine and lumbar spine issues which cause pretty consistent discomfort. I began seeing Christine a few weeks ago and I can't say enough about her! She has the clinical background and knowledge that allows her to treat my spine with precise points which really help release and help my discomfort. I am PAIN FREE for several days after each treatment!

Randi North Reading      2021-01-01