What Are Chinese Herbs?

September 28, 2021

One branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is Chinese herbal medicine. This modality of medicine is as old as acupuncture and, like acupuncture, is still heavily used in China today. Like all TCM, Chinese herbalists do a full intake of patients and tailor treatments for their complex conditions. Common conditions that can be treated with herbal medicine include;


Cancer treatment side effects

Immune system regulation

Gastrointestinal problems like IBS and other digestive conditions


Menstrual or endometriosis pain

And many more!

Chinese herbal medicine uses different herbs in a well-balanced formula. There are hundreds of traditional patent formulas that are proven effective, but we strive to go beyond. Your herbalist will create a formula unique to your condition. Unlike other dispensaries, our formulas are digitized and weighed using specialized software, minimizing human error. Our herbs only come from growers and suppliers who meet our strict quality standards. Currently, we provide herbs in granule form that can be mixed into water or tea, or vegetarian capsules that can be easily swallowed.

In Chinese herbalism, along with all forms of TCM, practitioners strive to restore balance and heal the root causes of their patients' issues, instead of just suppressing symptoms. We believe that the individual approach is the best way to treat the underlying cause of symptoms and disharmony. No two people are the same - nor should two people’s formulas be the same. Your prescription will be written and filled within two days of your appointment. It is our goal to help patients treat the root of their condition, not simply mask or treat symptoms. All of our herbalists are licensed with the state and have had hundreds of hours of education and experience with Chinese herbs. All of our herbalists are licensed acupuncturists as well.

At Tai Chi Acupuncture and Wellness we have our own herbal dispensary with over 120 herbs on-site at our Danvers location. We offer herbal consultations or consultations that are added to acupuncture appointments.

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